New Music: New album ‘Monsters Exist’ by Orbital, mixed by Steve Dub

‘Thirty years of success in the music industry is a lot to walk away from, especially when you’ve got something big to say. Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll, known to dance fans as British duo Orbital, have never shied away from a big message. Some sibling rivalry caused a breakup in 2014, but the need to share a true artistic vision with the world — and have it pay attention — got the band back together. Lucky for us, Orbital is just as great as it ever was, and the duo’s latest LP Monsters Exist plays like the best damn mental breakdown any nation state ever had.’ -Billboard

‘After a barnstorming live reunion which saw them play to ecstatic audiences across Europe throughout 2017, Britain’s giants of electronic music Orbital are back for good – with new music and an upgrade of the legendary live show that transformed festivals across the world. ‘ – Pledge Music

New album ‘Monsters Exist’ was mixed by Steve Dub.


Posted on 14/09/2018